Our Technology & AI

Our Technology & AI

Longer, healthier, better lives

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, our team of AI technologists, data scientists and product engineers partner with our frontline professional carers and nurses to drive innovation across healthcare service delivery.

Our technology and AI is used every single day across our community of 10,000 healthcare professionals to increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes - reducing hospitalisations by up to 70%

Meet Cera's app

Our app uses data analytics and machine-learning to empower those providing healthcare services, and improving outcomes for those receiving them.

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Improving health outcomes

Through our app’s data analytics and machine-learning technology, our professional carers and nurses are able to collect, monitor and react to a range of vital health signs in our clients in real-time.

This enables them to respond to changes in health conditions 30-fold faster than traditional methods, and reduces hospitalisations across our community, keeping them healthier in their homes for longer.

Our app can identify the ‘next best action’ for a client when their health condition changes, ensuring they can receive better care, much faster, in their own home.

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At the forefront of a demographic shift

Globally, our population is ageing and thankfully people are, in most parts of the world, living longer and longer lives. However, our health and social care systems are bursting at the seams. Many areas of healthcare delivery are in need of innovation, modernisation and technological advancement - none more so than the ways in which we can look after older and vulnerable people.

We recognise that technology is key, in bringing more and more healthcare services out of hospitals, in turn allowing them to live longer, better, healthier lives in their own homes.

At Cera, we are constantly driving innovation, whether it’s through the continued integration of our digital technology into healthcare delivery, new ways of embracing and utilising data or automated ways of planning and operationalising.

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